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Internship: International market research (closed)

Intern: international market research

You have international ambitions, you're interested in all aspects of business and have research skills, and you want to learn how it is to work for a young and fast growing organisation? Yes? Continue reading.

About us

Readaar was founded in 2015 and collects all kind of data about buildings from aerial photographs, satellite imagery and LiDAR. To do this we combine remote sensing with machine learning. Our customer base is very diverse: from grid operator to insurance companies. Our data has a strong environmental impact: we map solar panels to support the sustainable energy revolution and help municipalities in banning asbestos. We combine the dynamics of a start-up with the professionalism of our established customers!

We love to improve, change and challenge. Ourselves, our clients our competitors. Every day. We try, fail, and try again until it works. Everyone contributes. We are a small team and need each other. We think international, but our roots are Dutch: Open. Honest. Direct. We like what we do. We don’t work according to business hours. We do whatever it takes, celebrate successes and don’t forget to go home to our loved ones.

Readaar started her business in the Netherlands, but there is interest from other countries as well. In 2017 we want to expand to other countries, but we haven't decided yet which countries to go to first. There're multiple aspects involved in making this decision: market potential, competition, legal and available resources. We look for an intern to collect, structure and interpret information as a basis for our international expansion plan.

About you and the assignment

There are multiple circumstances which determine if there is a need for our dataproducts and whether it is possible to produce these products. The assignment is about determining these key indicators and collecting information about these indicators for multiple countries. To do this you need to have:

  • The ability to quickly understand the impact of a broad variety of indicators to our business, some examples: legislation about asbestos, resolution of aerial imagery or governmental stimulation of solar energy and open data (we don't expect you to know something about these subjects up front).
  • Good web research and analytical skills.


Can't wait to be part of a small, fast growing innovative startup. Convince us and hopefully we can welcome you as our new teammember.

For more information call Matthijs van Til +31 (0)6 549 14 858, or apply via

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