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Internship: Remote sensing/machine learning (closed)

Internship: Automated design of Solar Panel systems

You're passionate about renewable energy, you're good at programming and you like to work on an assignment between academic research and startup business. Yes? Continue reading.

About us

Readaar was founded in 2015 and collects all kind of data about buildings from aerial photographs, satellite imagery and LiDAR. To do this we combine remote sensing with machine learning. Our customer base is very diverse: from grid operator to insurance companies. Our data has a strong environmental impact: we map solar panels to support the sustainable energy revolution and help municipalities in banning asbestos. We combine the dynamics of a start-up with the professionalism of our established customers!

We love to improve, change and challenge. Ourselves, our clients our competitors. Every day. We try, fail, and try again until it works. Everyone contributes. We are a small team and need each other. We think international, but our roots are Dutch: Open. Honest. Direct. We like what we do. We don’t work according to business hours. We do whatever it takes, celebrate successes and don’t forget to go home to our loved ones

The internship assignment is involved in a new project Readaar works on, being the automated design of Solar Panel (PV) systems. Partners involved in the project are: Solar Monkey (Yes! Delft), TU Delft and the University of Utrecht. This project aims to develop an innovative software solution that can fully automated design the optimal PV systems for any location with the highest possible energy output, based on the individual properties per building/roof surface. This will lead to PV systems with a better performance (more kWh/kWp), lower acquisition costs for installation companies and more reliable data to boost the adoption of solar energy in the Netherlands.

About you and the assignment:

Your focus within this project is on identification of individual properties per building using LiDAR data and aerial imagery for every individual roof surface in the Netherlands. The “high tech” is the main part of the assignment, but based on your personal interests we would like to involve you in other aspects of a start-up as well. To make this a succes:

  • you need to be enthusiastic about this assignment.
  • a “can be done mentality”, you really like to tackle this challenge. 
  • Because we program in Matlab, programming experience in Matlab is necessary. 


Can't wait to be part of a small, fast growing innovative startup. Convince us and hopefully we can welcome you as our new teammember.

For more information call Sven Briels +31 (0)6 289 14 981, or apply via

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